Mentally Ill Man Won £6,000 And Then Tried To Win Even More By Buying £6,000 Worth of Lottery Tickets

London Man's Crazy Plan. Did It Work?

Helen Palmer

Associate Editor, Huffington Post

Byron O'Connell, a former meth head, talked to BBC One about winning £6,000 from an online casino using an 80 free spins promotion, and then used that money to try to win a £25 million lottery.

You may not meet a crazier person than Byron O'Connell (he has been institutionalized three times). In fact, he is a schizophrenic who frequently goes off his medication, and dropped out of school at Oxford because he believed lizard people were trying to kill him.

His proclaimed best friend, aka his psychiatrist (she says she isn't obviously), threatened that she would stop seeing him if he didn't take his medication. She threatened him because nothing else she tried worked. He just wouldn't take his meds, partially because he had a hard time affording the best prescriptions while paying for rent, so his psychiatrist offered him a few ways he could make money.

He didn't listen to those ways. Instead, That is when Mr. O'Connell Put His Beautiful Mind To Work To Figure Out How To Make Money...

Byron O'Connell doesn't have any regrets about losing the money he had won for free.

"I tried a kissing booth in London to generate money for myself, but it didn't generate any money. No one wanted to kiss me. What the fuck. Anyways, I was getting discouraged. I didn't want to lose Dr. Hughes, still trying to get in her pants, but didn't want to beg for money. A godlike figure doesn't do that. At the pit of my despair I had the Zany idea of winning money for free and then using that to win the lottery", expressed a manic Mr. O'Connell.

Mr. O'Connell ended up resorting to trying to hack the controversial world of online gambling to "win" the money he needed to keep his psychiatrist and to pay rent. Completely broke, he decided to only play free casino games where you can win real money.

The near homeless man zeroed in on Sky Casino promotion of 80 free promotional spins for their Sky Jackpot which ends at 11:59PM on

He figured he could spin it 80 times for free and then just move on to another casino. "I had absolutely nothing to lose", said Mr. O'Connell.

One minute and 10 spins later Byron was £6,000 richer from free spins. His heart skipped a beat. He said he was not in shock because the voice in his head told him he would win. Within 24 hours, the voice told him in his head that he had to use the money to buy £6,000 worth of lottery tickets so he could become a millionaire and win his psychiatrist's heart by being a rich person.

Byron O'Connell proclaiming that he may be a god.

That's when sadness struck.

He didn't win the £25 million dollar lottery. He had wasted the £6,000 he had won for free and was once again was broke. We asked him how he was feeling and what he planned to do now.

"I'm questioning the nature of reality, and wondering If I can get a time machine and go back in time and pick the right numbers then I'd be a millionaire. So I'm trying to figure that out. God's telling me I can do it so I believe. I'll go back and win that money and win over Dr. Hughes and we'll have a family.

Mr. O'Connell continued to ramble on and on about how he was going to win, and he didn't even notice when we left. We contacted Dr. Hughes and she was sad because she couldn't help him. She told us, "I tried everything, but I just couldn't get through to him. If someone doesn't want to help themselves, then you can't help them. I'm certain he will be back in an institution soon, because once he gets too manic, he becomes too crazy to be out in public. It's sad. I hope he learns.

We are sad that Byron is unwilling to receive the help he needs. You may see him in London spreading the love after winning big with Sky Casino, "Honestly, it sounds really stupid, but I don't know why more people don't take advantage of these free online casino games. You get tons of free spins and can win real money and spend it on whatever you want. My friend Jamal won £789 last week after playing for just 20 minutes with his 80 Free Spins....these Casinos are desperate for new players"

He suggests you give it a try. He says it is free of cost for you, and you never know, you may be the next big winner and able to fulfill one of your deepest desires. If someone like Byron can win, then you probably can too. Just don't waste the money if you win big like he did.

Disclaimer: The links lead to the free offer that Byron used. We do not condone gambling. If you decide to seize the opportunity, you are doing so at your own risk. If you have a gambling problem call the helpline for problem gambling at 0808-8020-133.



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Catelyn Park

Cambridge, United Kingdom

I'm going to pray for this man.

3 · 1 day ago

Chantelle Jones

Bath, United Kingdom

Wow. Wow. Wow. I won £578! Not a lot of money, but better than 0 and enough to buy me something nice. I do hope that this man gets help. He is probably a danger to others.

7 · 1 day ago

Travis Hughes

London, United Kingdom

Sad just sad.

4 · 1 day ago

Lena Klaus

Liverpool, United Kingdom

I agree. I'm a psychology student and admit that you can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped.

9 · 1 day ago

Robert North


This guy needs to be tossed into an institution. What a nut.

3 · 1 day ago